The Pros and Cons of the PS4 Pro

After Sony announced the PS4 Pro earlier this month, people were left wondering if the PS4 Pro was a worthy upgrade over the original. The PS4 Pro offers more graphical power but does it function as a Professional device as the name PS4 Pro suggests?

Let’s look at the power of the new system. First, the Pro’s GPU has been upgraded to feature the latest technology from the AMD “Polaris” architecture. What does this mean in standard terms? Well, Sony says that it is twice as fast as the original PS4’s GPU which is definitely a pro upgrade. Turing to the CPU, which is the same 8-core Jaguar used in the original PS4, just overclocked to 2.1 GHz. A 3-year-old overclocked CPU might not help the system performance but possibly hinder it, due to it bottlenecking the GPU’s capabilities. The system ram has also stayed the same as the original model, 8 GB of DDR5 Ram. The only difference is the clock speed has been slightly increased. What does all this add up to? Well, Sony says the PS4 Pro will put out around 4.20 TFLOPS compared to the original which could produce around 1.82 TFLOPS. This will definitely will help games developers looking to push the PS4 to its limits.ps4-pro-specs

Sony’s  HDR10 has one of the PS4 Pro’s biggest selling points. This features will make game colors pop and also make the contrast, even more, life-like. A con, however, is if you already own a PS4, HDR is already on your system via a system update. This gives current owners one less reason to upgrade. Another issue arises for people who have 4K TVs that support Dolby Vision HDR (a competing format to HDR10). Sony does not have plans to support this format.

A bigger issue against the PS4 Pro is its lack of UHD Blu-ray support. A lot of early adopters of 4k TVs were expecting UHD Blu-ray support. These people may now turn to the Xbox One S which does feature a UHD Blu-ray player and is around $100.00 cheaper than the PS4 Pro. The Pro will offer 4k Streaming support from Netflix and Amazon so not all in the way of 4k video content is lost.

Another issue that the PS4 Pro has is that some of the games supporting the Pro will not be native 4k. These games may use a process called checkerboard rendering to get the display resolution to 4k. This may make these games look better than ever before but due to power limitations, lots of games will never produce the true 4k experience.

The question is if you own an original PS4 is the Pro a worthy upgrade? The answer is it depends on what you are looking to get out of this console refresh. If you just want games to run better and look somewhat better, the Pro could be the right choice for you. If you don’t own a PS4 and are looking into getting one, I recommend wholeheartedly spending the extra $100.00 to get the top of the line Playstation experience. 29536240265_d42d286775_z


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