What is the Nintendo Switch? A Look at Nintendo’s New Console

In a 3-minute teaser trailer, Nintendo announced their new home console called the “Nintendo Switch.” The Nintendo Switch is a home console that features a tablet that sits in a dock to output to your television. The tablet can then be taken anywhere to play your games.

Unlike other console makers Nintendo has always marched to the beat of a different drum and Nintendo’s new console is no exception. But, what does this trailer really tell us about their new system and when will we get more information? Well, for one the trailer is focused on showing us ways the “Switch” could benefit the player. No longer do you have to split your time between a portable game and a home console game, they can now be one in the same. It also shows that western publishers seem to back on board with Nintendo as they showed a man playing Bethesda’s wildly popular game “Skyrim” on the new console. Bethesda has since came out stating they are happy to be working with Nintendo but have not announced any game coming to the console yet.nintendo-switch-skyrim

Nintendo has shared the list of developers and publishers that will be bringing games to the Nintendo Switch.  Santa Clara, California based Tech company, Nvidia, has announced they have partnered with Nintendo to make the hardware components. It looks like we will have to wait a little longer to get a full look at the games coming to the Switch and what the full hardware specs will be, as Nintendo has announced they will be sharing more information via a live stream on January 12th.




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